How to overcome depression and change your life


My dear reader, I hope this will guide you towards the better path in your life.


Everybody has a right to be happy, rich, and build their own lives as they wish.

Not so long ago, I was a woman, with no hopes and retired dreams. Emotionally beaten down by my boyfriend, not interested in anything, just hurting and crying. And this seemed like it is never going to end.

This is not a sad story, there is no room for pity, but plenty of room for inspiration, advice and motivation.

Did you know, yes you! That everything is possible? Don’t believe me? Well I am living proof of that. Just open your mind a little bit and let in the thought of possibility in.

Just few months ago, I was so devastated, broken, feeling useless and unimportant and blaming myself for poor choices in life and men. I was right in few things:

Poor choices!

For a long time, I let life come to me, thinking, it’s meant to be, I have no rule over my life, Who am I to want more, to want better for myself?  It is not for me, I can never have more that I have…

This is a very destructive poor choice of thinking. I didn’t know that! I learned so much in such a short time and this has changed my life, I hope it will change yours too, or if you had similar experience, I hope you are ready for a change or at least have a think about your own life from a different perspective.

What do I mean by poor choices?

First of all it’s how you perceive yourself. Do you like to be the person you are? Are you doing activities, hanging out with people or doing the job you really like? Are you feeling well and healthy enough?  I never fully understood the phrase ”be yourself”. Now I do. And it had very little to do with the person I was, when I finally figured that out, it turned out, it was quite the opposite! My poor choices, lack of ”life” education, lack of money education and lack of understanding and being closed-minded kept me in the state of a person I never wanted to be and I didn’t even know it! You have to build the life that you want to have and you must become a person, that makes you feel good when you think about it.

Second, it’s the wrong people. Once you determine what kind of person you want to be, find people like that or better to hang out with. Scepticism isn’t going to go far. You must ditch the friends that influences you on eating too much, not exercising, drinking, not caring about good productive future. Wrong lover. If something feels odd, so it is. If one moment the person seems into you and the other time they are cold, well, simply their feelings aren’t real.

But we never want to see the truth. It hurts. But the only way to get over it, is finding what is it you really want to do in your life and what person you want to be. Dream about it. Take small steps of action towards it. Get exited, because world is going to see how awesome you are and most importantly, you will live the life that you deserve, no less!

Examine the people, the surroundings and their influences. Is it really what you like?

Here is my tips and exercises:

  1. Write down a list of all your interests since you were a child, yes even the silly ones. Write plenty. This could be:  tastes, colours, tree houses, Barbie’s, cars, drawing and so on.
  2. Then write a list of words and phrases that makes you happy. They can be anything! Write about 25. Some of my favourites are: traveling, adventure, working from home, happy, rich, independent, confident. It’s the words that you want to describe your perfect self with and your interests. They don’t have to describe the person that you are now unless you are happy and content. Then I am happy for you. They describe the person that you are supposed to be. And they can be completely different from mine.
  3. Choose 10 words overall. The most appealing. They should tell you something. Maybe give you an idea of what would you like to do for living or what adventure should you go on to!
  4. Draw a picture with black pen on the half page of the life you are in now. Add words that describe what you don’t like about yourself and your life. If you hate your boss and your job, draw a monster face 🙂
  5. On the other side of the page, draw a life that you want to have, the person you want to be, with the big smile! This time use plenty of colour. You don’t have to be good at drawing. I am good at drawing and I still used the stick man for my images, it’s more fun that way! The point of this is to give you the clear visual idea of what you have and what you are really missing in your life. Visual ideas are the key. They always appeal more. This is very important task!
  6. Now read a book. Self help, motivation. I started with:

    James Altucher, ‘Choose Yourself’

    I hated reading books for so long and now I love it!

  7. Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.

    Now this book is a treasure. Trust me on this one! Watch clever Ted Talks. Choose the subject, and see what clever people has to say about it. Watch Jim Rohn lectures on YouTube. He was very inspiring business and life philosopher.

  8. Go to YouTube and look for Bob Proctor videos about Law of Attraction, paradigms and changing your mind-set. It is not a hocus pocus, It is real. One week after I practiced the gratitude with meditation and forgiveness and then LOA I got some amazing results! Plant the seeds that will grow into beautiful friendships and sources of income in the future!
  9. Very powerful thing I learned from  James Altucher is ”To write 10 ideas a day”. This let’s you practice the idea muscle, that is real by the way, and trains your brain for ideas and problem solving over time. I practice this all the time and in two months I had 8 business ideas, projects and even the idea for this blog!
  10. Enrol to like-minded people networking groups, set up a meeting or Skype call with some one, have different kinds of conversations with new met people and expand your knowledge by becoming clever book reader. This is only a start and my given advice comes from the experience I recently had!


I started changing. I got over my ex in two weeks! As simple as that. Give yourself time and do these exercises and see where this will take you! I can not guarantee anything. But for me it worked, because I was very interested, I learned something so basic yet so powerful, I discovered what I really want to do and started taking small steps towards it.

Now my life is nothing but adventure and abundance! And yes I am becoming woman who I want to be and my life started to look more like the colourful picture from my own exercise!

I wish you all the best, and If you have any questions or want to know more, contact me!


Ineta J.

The Self Help Exploring is a part of Unity Cloud Project. We are here for people and nature!





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