Time to talk, cleaning the city!

There is a problem that needs solution. And we will do our best to find it!


”We used to be so united, would all gather up and have a party with neighbours, the town would be cleaner, much cleaner. But now it is all changed, we became colder and distant and it seems, like no body really cares anymore, or even if they do, they think there is nothing that could be done”…

I heard these words from a local lady who was born and raised here in Glasgow, Scotland.

I always wanted to visit Scotland, for its glorious stories and pictures of breath-taking landscapes, friendly and fun people and of course, the movies I seen. So it happened, I actually moved here! But this is a whole another story…

Glasgow is a beautiful city, but there is one problem, the level of litter! You walk to pick your child from school and the newspaper and other things flows to you and wraps your legs like in some ghost town.

During my 6 months of life in here I came up with an idea,.. idea to clean up the city twice a year and improve the lives and the value of the city.

The old lazy habits are very hard to score out, but my suggestion for the bigger treatment, it to educate the kids twice a year, and change their mind-sets, make them notice their surroundings, make them understand what this all means to them, to their future, to the animals and nature itself. Also I am working on the strategies to benefit the environment and include people and city council, provide them with adequate research and great proposals for waste disposal and solutions that will work. Uniting people to clean their own surroundings, workplaces and schools, and making the owners of these lands clearing their site, will reduce the waste output dramatically, shake up the city and guide it to the better direction.

We know a lot of things and the solutions sometimes are quite simple, but in order to do something about this, we have to be pointed out, reminded and simply encouraged.

These ”beautiful” piles are sitting in some bodies property near city centre…Sites like this, are scattered across the city and it’s even near the school territories, you never know what is really down there, there could be sharp infected objects just sitting around and children can easily get hurt.


People do clean up but there is too much rubbish everywhere and wind simply brings it all out again! Worse, it’s in the forests and areas that could just be used for nice walks, the animal habitats are being filled with plastics, glass and other dangerous waste.


I am starting this new journey, by simply letting the world know what is happening and that I am ready to take action, but I can not do this alone, I will need everybody’s help.

This is going to be a lot of work, from strategies, convincing people, to legal aspects, health and safety. Other countries are doing this and it is working. Even the outskirts of the city are organized for the cleaning of their surroundings.

This has to be changed.

Scotland is amazing,

Glasgow is amazing with beautiful people.

I have faith in us and I hope we can work it out, Because working this out, means a new better life for everyone…

And I hope this project will inspire other people, cities or even countries. Anything is possible, we just have to see it in our minds, take small steps towards it and have undeniable faith!


Unity Cloud project




Unity Cloud Project is all about taking care of people, animals and environment.


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